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Archive Archive for the ‘Mens Suits’ Category Mens Suits For Summer Summer is now started many men are now looking for a mens suits that gives comfort and also very stylish in summer season. Here are some of the list that is a must for a professional summer wardrobe. A light half lined summer jacket.…


Archive for the ‘Mens Suits’ Category

Mens Suits For Summer

Summer is now started many men are now looking for a mens suits that gives comfort and also very stylish in summer season. Here are some of the list that is a must for a professional summer wardrobe.

Mens suits A light half lined summer jacket. The fully washable jacket allows you to pick up and go, ideal for traveling and the Spring/Summer season. These suits are great to wear to work, formal events or casual summer garden or cocktail parties.
mens suits

Add a patch pocket blazer to your summer wardrobe, to bring some color in to match the sunshine. The quality that appeals the most, make it a permanent feature of your suiting wardrobe.

mens suits

This white shirt for mens clothing, is very elegant in its simplicity, it is very essential element in every professional summer wardrobe. The white shirt is the number one selling shirt color in the world, and gaining ground in popularity.

mens suits

Plain lightweight machine washable trousers with 2 hip pockets and a stretch fabric, ideal for spring summer, match with a short sleeved shirt for a smart casual look.

mens suits

A lightweight pinstripe summer suit, ideal for warm conditions. Add a pair of smart lightweight trousers to your summer wardrobe, to bring some color in to match the sunshine.

Getting Oriented with Mens Suits

Choosing a suit or making it will be easier if you had the idea about the item and the variations that composes this line of clothing. Here are some of the important details that people must be familiar with about mens suits in order for them to know what will be good and what are not as they purchase or tailor their own clothing.

To start with, lets take one of the favorite suit of many men, the jacket. It could be of full dress, cutaway, mandarin, tuxedo, stroller, and in single-breasted or double-breasted coat. A full dress jacket comes in tails or tailcoat while cutaway is the jacket reserved for morning or daytime weddings that are short in front and long in the back with tapers from the front to a wide back tail. Mandarin jackets are in stand up style coat with no lapels. The well known tuxedo is the regular form of coat, this type is the commonly used jacket. Stroller jacket is for semi-formal occasion, it is the semi-formal suit jacket. The last two form of mens jacket are single-breasted and double-breasted jacket. Single-breasted coats button down the center in regards to jacket. It has symmetrical front with buttons at the center and leaves the option to buttoned or unbuttoned the coat. Double-breasted coats has cross over at the center to the button. One side of the coat overlaps the center and buttons across to the other side. Usually it gives emphasis on the chest area and it is suggested that the coat must be buttoned at all times while in standing position.

There is also variation on the kinds of coat depending on its lapel or commonly as the collar. The notch lapel with triangular indentation lapel, it is considered as most common and popular lapel style for mens suits. Peak lapel has V-shaped lapel that points upward lastly is the shawl collar or the rounded lapel.

The kind of fabric that a mens clothing is made of also matters as to the quality of the clothing. Among commonly used fabrics are as follows; worsted wool – 100 percent fabric with a thread count generally rages from 60 to 75 threads per inch. Super 100s is a finer and softer wool for mens suits with thread count of 100 thread per inch. Super 110s is even softer than the later mentioned fabrics. Thread count is 110 threads per inch. Mens wear made from super 120s has the softest material in thread count of 120 threads per inch. Suits of super 100, 110, 120 is considered as high quality suits.

In mens shirts, wingtip has a stand up collar with down ward point. It is the most popular and most formal choice for shirts. Mandarin is also a stand up collar shirt but without the points. Down collar is like that of standard dress shirt. Crosswick has crosses in front and is fastened with a button cover. French cuffs has folded over and close with cufflinks while convertible cuffs is not folded over but with closed cufflinks.

Necktie is also important in a mens clothing. Type of ties are as follow; bow tie – the most traditional tie option in self-tie or pre-tied. Then euro tie which is square bottomed tie and knotted at the neck, it is also pre-tied. Another kind of ties is the four in hand tie which is similar to ties wear with a casual suits. Sharpe has a wider tie with wrinkled knot and ascot is a pre-tied wide tie folded over. Lastly is a bolo styled tie inspired by the western countries.

What you wear helps people determine what kind of person you are. It is important that we always mind the way we get our selves dressed.

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Looking for the Best but Not Expensive Mens Suits

Does it follow that the best mens suits equaled to a higher price?

Well, unfortunately this question could not be answered instantly since it depends to a lot of considerable things. Most people invest a lot in their clothing thinking that they will be judge by other people through the clothes that they are wearing. However, its not always the case that the best quality mens suits means also higher price.

Nowadays, there are a lot of designers that sold their works and designs for extremely higher prices. But, actually we are paying for the brand name of these clothes and not for the actual building of the suit. Since these designers spend a lot of money and effort in marketing their products to gain popularity and the what they call “flagship” of their products. So, these designers charge their products with higher prices making it very expensive but actually not for quality reasons. But there are also designers who are making high quality mens suit and mens coats but less expensive and can be afford by ordinary citizens. These designers focus on the quality of their products rather than extravagance.

The best mens suit does not always come with a higher prices nor extravagance brand name. It is defined with a set of measurable standard and sometimes it is surprisingly affordable. All we need is patience and a keen eye when buying mens suits in the mens clothing stores.

In looking for quality but not expensive mens suits you have to look for these things and nevermind the brandname.

First you have to look suits that are handmade and not machine made. Although this may quite harder to do and sometimes its really hard to find handmade mens suits but atleast just try your luck. Since compared to machine made suit the handmade mens suits flexes and fit to the body of the wearer. Unlike the machine made that it seems to twists and do not fit very well. The keything that you have to look in order to spot handmade suits are the seams. There are significant differencse in the seams of the two made suits. The handmade suits resembles a zigzag while the machine made resembles a chain seams.

Next you have to examine if the suits were made of pure natural animal fibers. Quality mens suit were usually made of 100% natural animal fiber and not of mixed fabric of man made materials. To make sure that it is purely made of natural animal fiber you to check the tags of the mens suits and get some sample fabrics then test it.

Lastly you have to check if the suits have three layers, the fabric the canvass and the lining. These three layers are the indicators that mens suit is of high quality and made with best materials.

Always remember these three hallmarks when buying mens suits in order to get the best one. And you will be surprise that quality and best mens suits comes in low prices.


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